David Vu Informatics Scholarship

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“My mission is to pave the way for the future of pharmacy informatics and train the next generation of informaticists,” writes David Vu. “If we make technology as usable as possible for the clinician, the result will be better, patient-focused care. Since pharmacy informaticists are heavily involved with creating the building blocks of this technology it is vital to have individuals well-trained in this aspect who can then provide better technological services to clinicians. This will improve patient care downstream. 

“In creating the scholarship I wanted to encourage pharmacy students in pursuing their passions in healthcare technology and pharmacy informatics. Whether the scholarship fund is used to achieve a certification, take online coding classes, travel to ASHP Midyear, or other purposes, I wanted to help students reach their goals and dreams in pharmacy school.”


  • Merit scholarship
  • Pharmacy student in any of the four years
  • Student interested in Informatics