How the generosity of others helps our students and faculty

Endowments are vital to the success of outstanding educational institutions such as the VCU School of Pharmacy. They help us recruit and retain outstanding faculty. They help us bring the best lecturers to the school. And, most importantly, they make pharmacy education more affordable for talented and deserving students.

Each generation of pharmacy students has been helped by those who came before. It is important for the next generation to carry on the tradition and continue to support the future of pharmacy.

Here, we share the stories of the people who built our existing endowments through their generosity. We share stories of donors who wanted to support the school they loved and stories of people who honored individuals they loved and respected. The people in these stories understood that endowments ensure the VCU School of Pharmacy’s future as an outstanding institution.

Each endowment lives on in perpetuity as a stabilizing influence in times of economic uncertainty or as a bonus in times of prosperity. The annual payout of each fund, about 5 percent, comes from its earnings while the principal remains intact. In many years, the earnings exceed 5 percent and the endowment grows. Many founding donors and other contributors also add to the funds, so the endowments continue to grow.

The funds are important because they help the school advance and deliver more to students, faculty and staff. The endowments represent the dreams and aspirations of the people who made them possible. We hope you enjoy reading about the individuals who established funds to support our mission and vision to be among the greatest pharmacy schools in the nation. You can contribute to our endowment program through an existing fund or by creating a fund yourself that supports an area of interest to you.

Thank you for your continuing support of the VCU School of Pharmacy.

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