Alvin J. Schalow Jr. Scholarship

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I remember, vividly, getting my letter of acceptance to the MCV School of Pharmacy. It was a wonderful dream-come-true opportunity. I also knew it would be a financial struggle. As one of five children in a middle-class family, I had the responsibility to cover all tuition, books and expenses.

Needless to say, I graduated and enjoyed a long career in the profession of pharmacy. I am indebted to those providing work for me during school and summers. At times, others loaned me money and made gifts that made it possible for me to stay in school. I vowed during those times to someday pay such kindness forward.

One of the criteria for my scholarship favors recipients with an interest in the history of pharmacy. Our freshman class in the history of pharmacy was taught by Dean Warren Weaver; I immediately realized that progress in pharmacy and medicine was better understood by building on successes and learning from failures. History records the story of our incredible pharmacy journey. We are better able to serve our patients knowing that history.

It has been my pleasure to continue serving the VCU School of Pharmacy and various pharmacy-related associations. Over the years I have had the great privilege of interacting with faculty and pharmacy students. Seeing students graduate and have wonderful pharmacy careers is as rewarding as getting that letter of acceptance to pharmacy school many years ago.

Al Schalow




  • Pharmacy student in any of the four years
  • Merit scholarship
  • Expressed interest in preserving pharmacy history